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American Majority is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Purcellville, Virginia, that provides candidate and activist training for persons who identify as ideological conservatives. Under the Internal Revenue Code, 501(c)(3) allows contributions to it to be tax-deductible, but generally forbids political activity to influence legislation or the election of candidates [1]; a delicate line clearly exists. Founded in January, 2008. American Majority has additional offices in Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. The organization is currently led by Ned Ryun, who serves as president. It is not to be confused with a progressive or liberal think tank founded by John Podesta originally called "American Majority Fund" and now called the Center for American Progress.

The organization states that its mission is:

Training and equipping a national network of conservative leadership committed to helping America remain a strong and free nation through limited government, individual freedom and the free market system.

They further state that their main objective is to “build a national network of leaders and grassroots advocates who aspire to increase freedom for individuals, families, the marketplace, and our nation.”[2]

Its name, incorporating the word "majority", expresses a hoped-for goal as opposed to the actual demographics of the organization's support, following the lead of other non-associated groups such as the American Majority Fund or the Moral Majority.


American Majority has, either in existence or planning, several programs that support its mission as a political training institute:

Candidate Training Program

The organization trains candidates who are considering or seeking elected office. In one-day sessions, candidates and their staff members are trained on campaign basics including political fundraising, grassroots organizing, and new media.[3]

Activist Training Program

American Majority hosts one-day events for training activists. In these events, attendees are trained how to organize coalitions and hold effective events, how to send Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to government bodies, interact with elected officials, become involved in new media, and volunteer for issue advocacy groups, think tanks, and political campaigns.[4]

Campus Majority

The organization has created Campus Majority, which is to partner with American Majority to provide training on college campuses.[5] The program, which held its first training in February, is intended to train activists in presenting the ideologies supported by American Majority.


Along with the Purcellville, Virginia national office, American Majority has offices in the following states:

State offices opening in 2009:

  • Texas- March
  • Illinois (projected)
  • Arkansas (projected)


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