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Aminah Beverly McCloud is Professor of Islamic Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at DePaul University and the Director of the Islamic World Studies Program. She is a current board member of Radio Islam and the Feminist Sexual Ethics Project[1] at Brandeis University, and an adjunct scholar and board member, Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. She has received grants for her work from the Ford Foundation, Illinois Humanities Council, Graham Architectural Foundation and the Lilly Foundation.[2]

She is managing editor of the Journal of Islamic Law and Culture, founder of the Islam in America Conference Culture and the Islam in America Archives. She is a board member of Iqra Foundation, a board member of the Healing Project at the Department of Pediatrics at Boston University School of Medicine.

Her research includes an analysis of the future of Sharia, suggesting

Living in the west, especially the United States puts all the claims of power and authority of Islamic jurists to the test of relevancy and the pursuit of justice....Chinese, Indonesian, African and any other ethnic group of Muslim jurists have all been trained in the same way by the same teachers so there is little hope that in the near future they will have the courage to reflect and broaden their intellectual capacities to meet the present let alone the future. One hope is that the American and European jurists will steer the course in another direction and support each other in the effort.[3]

An article at Free Exchange on Campus states David Horowitz claims that Professor Aminah Beverly McCloud is “[a] member of the Nation of Islam.” Mr. Horowitz cites no evidence to back up this claim. Professor McCloud responds, “I am not and never have been” a member of the Nation of Islam.[4]


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