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CSP Music Group is a record label based in Atlanta, Georgia, and owned by Christopher Starr. The label is a new platform for independent and signed artists and caters to R&B, pop, hip hop, gospel, rock, and other genres.[1]


CSP Music Group started in 1999 first established under the name of Starrtraxx Music Productions. It began as a music production company which produced and/or worked with artist such as Christina Aguilera (album peaked in the top 100 on Billboard[2]), Mary J Blige, Dawn Richard (D. Woods) of the MTV show Making the Band and later of girl group Danity Kane; LaTocha Scott of Xscape, Damita Haddon (Chandler), Yung L.A, Marcus Canty of the Fox tv show X Factor, Gorilla Zoe, and the R&B group Next. Christopher Starr has also collaborated on the production of songs with former Flyte Tyme Entertainment’s (Grammy Award winners Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis) hit-making producer Lance Alexander(Michael Jackson, Boyz 2 Men, Next, Lo Key) and has also crafted music for artists from some of the most prominent record labels that include Sony Music and Warlock Records.[3]

Record Label

In 2013, CSP Music Group decided to expand from a music production company to a one stop multi-faceted independent label and music production company. Using their established industry connections, they were able to offer unsigned artist the same opportunities as signed artist. Industry connections include for example, producer Steven Franks [4], who is currently aligned with CSP Music Group and has recent credits with artist such as Chris Brown from the album X (Chris Brown album), song entitled Drunk Textin',[5] as well as Jennifer Lopez's most current album to date A.K.A. (album) in which Steven Franks produced the title track A.K.A. featuring T.I.[6] CSP Music Group also expanded into working with Reality TV which included several appearances on VH1's Love and Hip Hop Atlanta[7] as well as a single release inspired by the show with reality star Karlie Redd [8]featuring Headkrack from the Fox network tv show Dish Nation.[9][10] Amanda Cole formally of the R& B Group En Vogue is currently signed to CSP Music Group. When asked about working with Christopher Starr of CSP Music Group, she said, "Chris and I have a chemistry that I have not been able to find with any other Producer, and I have worked with a lot of Producers… very talented Producers. But his music and production style really do bring out the best in me vocally and as a Songwriter. He allows me to create what I envision and he supports that vision. Even though we both know that our musical choices follow the road less traveled and could be a huge risk, we both believe that aspiring Artists need to see different aspects of Black artistry especially from a woman. I refuse to follow the blueprint that has been laid out for most R&B or Black female singers. I feel the images are very derogatory and not very honest. The industry standard for us does not leave much room for young Black girls to imagine the option of being something other than a sexually exploited gimmick. Too many R&B singers tend to lend their talents to things that are not very uplifting or inspiring, just to get crazy amounts of money. But I don’t sing for money. I would like to get paid to do what I love, but will never sing for money. Once you do anything strictly for the money, you will compromise; you will settle just to get the big check and I think that’s why music suffers today. Too many people pursuing music careers are extremely materialistic and don’t really consider the responsibility they have as Artists." [11][12][13] CSP Music Group was able to successfully change the original formula for how recording artist are signed in todays music industry. Understanding that major labels were no longer investing big budgets to develop their acts and that most of the deals that were made by the labels usually benefitted the earnings of the record company more than the artist, CSP Music Group created a new way of artist to release themselves with the same credibility and resources of the signed artist. Since artists needed to maintain a higher percentage of their profits from album sales - the need for an artist to sign with a major label had changed. That transformation encouraged the value of having the support of an independent label to become a necessity; which inspired Christopher Starr to launch CSP Music Group.

Inspired by Motown,[14] CSP Music Group works by providing recording artist everything that they need in one location; to produce, create, market, distribute, promote, and brand their music. They are able to achieve this by utilizing a diverse team of seasoned industry professionals and relationships developed within the music industry.[15]

The Next Pop Icon

In 2011, Christopher Starr CEO of CSP Music Group went back to his hometown of Waterloo, Iowa, to offer The Next Pop Icon talent competition. Wanting to give back to his community, he held a talent search which offered the winner a prize worth $100,000. Christopher Starr is quoted saying that he went back because "I want to come back there and basically wake up the scene," he said.[16] The grand prize package included all expense paid travel, accommodations, and airline tickets to Atlanta; as well as meeting with music business executives and gaining experience in a state of the art recording studio. With the help from his long time friend Warren Worthem also a native of Waterloo, Iowa, the two were able to help make dreams come true for many of the aspiring young artist of Waterloo. The show was held at Waterloo East High where Warren was a graduate. Christopher Starr wanted to show his community that if you reach for your dreams that anything is possible. "It is a really tough business to break into, but the more you stick with it, line yourself up in positions, put yourself in places where opportunities will be there for you, open your eyes --- that's gonna be the biggest key for doing that," Starr said.[17] The show was held before a panel of music industry judges which included Kevin Shine (R. Kelly, Jive Records, The Firm); Gipson Kagni (Timati featuring Sean P, Diddy Combs and Dirty Money, Snoop Dogg, Shontelle, Universal Music Group); Habib Laurent (Konvict Music).[18]

Mason J Records

CSP Music Group is currently growing their newly founded label Mason J Records which is a subsidiary label of CSP Music Group. Mason J Records allows artist to have more creative expression in comparison to artist signed under CSP Music Group which has a more tailored approach in artist development.[19]


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