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Gary L. Bauer (1946-) is head of American Values, a "...non-profit organization committed to uniting the American people around the vision of our Founding Fathers....conservative principles that are so fundamental to the survival of our nation and to bring support and ideas to policy makers and empower our elected officials to have the support they need to do what is right, noble and good."[1] a social conservative. He was a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000, with an "unapologetically pro-family, pro-life message...Stressing the sanctity of life and traditional marriage, Bauer made family-friendly policies and combating judicial activism key platforms of his campaign." After the campaign, he formed American Values, advocating "federal marriage protection amendment and stressing the urgent need to rein in rogue judges."[2]

Foreign policy

He is a board member of the Emergency Committee for Israel, formed in July 2010.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, [3], his message to his supporter began with the core issues of "abortion on demand" and traditional marriage, and then moved to what he termed "Islamofascism". "The war against Islamofascism is in many respects a 'values issue,'...That may seem like an odd statement at first glance, but, as I have often said, losing Western Civilization to this vicious enemy would be immoral."

He supported the George W. Bush Administration War on Terror. He is a board member of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and was a cofounder of the Project for the New American Century.

A member of the board of Christians United For Israel (CUFI), he is a Christian Zionist.

Social policy

Bauer is strongly opposed to abortion, embryonic stem cell research, and cloning. He is an advocate of traditional marriage.

2000 Presidential campaign

He eventually endorsed John McCain, for which James Dobson criticized him. [4]

When he left the Family Research Council to run for President, [5], People for the American Way reported Dobson was unhappy with him for running. An evangelical magazine reported he was unwelcome to return, since FRC tried to stay nonpartisan, and the appearance of an affair bothered staff. [6] During the campaign, there was a rumor that he had had an affair with a campaign staffer. In a press conference, he denied it, and suggested the source may have been the Steve Forbes campaign. [7]

Campaign for Working Families

In 1996, Bauer launched the Campaign for Working Families, a political action committee dedicated to electing pro-family, pro-life conservatives to public office.

Family Research Council-Focus on the Family

After the Reagan Administration, in 1988, he became President of the Family Research Council, a public policy education center. It is affiliated with Focus on the Family, created by James Dobson.

Reagan Administration

He was Under Secretary of Education and Chief Domestic Policy Adviser in the Ronald Reagan administration, and chaired the working group that produced the report "The Family: Preserving America's Future.


In 1973, Bauer received his law degree from Georgetown Law School in Washington D.C.