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 Definition The primary organization for pro-life Democrats. [d] [e]
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WP differences

CZ isn't adamant about referencing well-established facts. As long as the organization's website, for example, mentions the Congressional members, you don't have to footnote each member. I tend to like to put the members on the Related Articles subpage, especially since that lets someone do at least a basic definition of Members that show up as redlinks there. It does sometimes require some hunting to find if there already is an article on a member of Congress -- articles get created variously under formal names or common nicknames.

I was a little surprised to see Jim Langevin, as he has been associated with stem cell research.

Does DFLA publish a voting record/index? We have made use of those elsewhere.

Covering legislative agendas and goals is a good thing for this sort of article.

I'd imagine that DFLA can make an argument for consistency in its positions, versus some groups that see pro-life as purely an abortion matter. Howard C. Berkowitz 00:35, 10 March 2011 (UTC)