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IUPAC name: see chemistry section
Synonyms: dl-acebutolol
Formula: C18H28N2O4

 Uses: hypertention;angina pectoris



Mass (g/mol): CAS #:
336.4259 37517-30-9

Acebutolol is a cardioselective, beta-adrenergic antagonist (beta blocker) with relatively little effects, at low dosage, on bronchial receptors compared to other beta-blockers such as atenolol and propranolol. Epinephrine typically binds to these same receptors, subsequently raising heart rate and blood pressure, but this action is blocked when beta-blockers such as acebutolol bind to these receptors, thereby interfering with epinephrine binding. Blood pressure is also increased by the release of renin, a hormone produced in the kidneys, which narrows blood vessels. By preventing renin release, acebutolol reduces blood pressure by a second mechanism. [1]


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