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A list of some works of Bobby Driscoll.
Stage Productions

As far as known to date

Year Performance Role Dates
1954 The Boy With a Cart[1] The boy February 1954
Ah, Wilderness![2] Richard Miller August 1954 (Pasadena Playhouse)
1957 Girls of Summer[3] unknown May 1957 (Players Ring Theatre)
Radio Shows

(This is not necessarily a complete list, it only displays all of those radio-shows, which could be located and verified until now.)[4]

Year Show Role Airing dates/Other notes
1946 Song of the South - Promo-Interview [5] Bobby Driscoll and Luana Patten, hosted by Johnny Mercer Aired in late 1946
Song of the South - Promo-Interview [6] Bobby Driscoll, Luana Patten, Walt Disney and James Baskett, hosted by Johnny Mercer Aired in late 1946
1948 Family Theater - "As the Twig is Bent" Aired in February 1948
Family Theatre - "The Future is Yours" Aired on February 19
Family Theatre - "Jamie and the Promise" Aired on August 19
Family Theater - "A Daddy for Christmas" Aired on December 15
1950 Family Theater - "Mahoney's Lucky Day" Aired on April 19 - hosted by himself
Hallmark Playhouse - "Knee Pants" Aired on June 25
Movietown Radio Theater - "The Throwback" Aired on July 6
1951 Lux Radio Theater - "Treasure Island" Jim Hawkins Aired on January 29
Cavalcade of America - "The Day They Gave Babies Away" Aired on December 25
1953 Family Theater - "The Courtship of John Dennis" Aired on April 8
Lux Radio Theater - "Peter Pan" Peter Pan Aired on December 10
1955 Family Theater - "The Penalty" Aired on October 12
1956 Family Theatre - "Fair Exchange" Aired on September 19
1957 Family Theatre - "A Shot in the Dark" Aired on August 7

As far as known to date

Year Performance Role Other notes
1946/47 "So Dear to My Heart" [1] Jeremiah Kincaid Capitol Records (CDF 3000) - narrated by John Beal
1950 "Treasure Island" [2] Jim Hawkins RCA Victor (Y-416) - narrated by Bobby Driscoll
1964 "Treasure Island" [3] Jim Hawkins Disneyland Records (DQ-1251) - condensed version of the original motion picture soundtrack - narrated by Del McKennon