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CZ: pages may be approved by members of the Citizendium Council, and once approved a draft page is open to revise, giving two versions, an approved version, and a draft alternative. Very few CZ: pages will need to be approved in this way; but some that express important rules or policy statements need to have a stable form if they are to be useful. At the same time, the draft page is a way of suggesting significant changes, open to anyone to edit, without fear of disrupting established practices.


A member of the Council places a "ToApprove" template on the article's talk page, and on the Talk page, explains why an approved version is desirable. That template will be marked with a date, usually several days to a week from the date that it is placed.

If the approval template remains there, approval will occur on that date. Meanwhile, discussion and edits continue. Edits at this stage should be made only by Council members, and relevant parties (e.g. Constables). Other members of Citizendium should make recommendations and criticisms on the talk page.

At least one other member of the Council must support approval. If another member of the Council objects to approval, then he or she should explain why on the talk page, and further views sought.

If the nominator notes that the discussion on the talk page that brings up important objections, then he or she may delay the date for approval. The nominator may also change the version nominated for approval on the "to approve" template to an updated draft. Unless the template is removed, on the designated date, a sysop then freezes the approved version of the article under an Approved template. At that freeze, a draft form of the article is generated. This draft is open to edits as are all unapproved articles on the wiki. After approval, copyediting and minor changes may be performed by any member of the Council at any time.

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