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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Civil affairs.
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  • Information operations [r]: The integrated employment of the core capabilities of electronic warfare, computer network operations, psychological operations, military deception, and operations security. [e]
  • Iraq War [r]: Invasion of Iraq by a coalition of countries, led by the United States, in 2003, and subsequent occupation [e]
  • Restructuring of the United States Army [r]: A major doctrinal and organization redesign of the United States Army, with its chief feature being moving from the division to the Brigade Combat Team and new supporting brigade structures as the basic Unit of Action [e]
  • Ricardo Sanchez [r]: Retired lieutenant general of armor, United States Army, who commanded the senior U.S. headquarters in Iraq when the Abu Ghraib prison scandal broke; involved in early attempts to deal realistically with the growing insurgency after the end of high-intensity combat [e]
  • Staff (military) [r]: A military organization to extend the capabilities of a commander, by providing services from personal assistance to presenting alternative plans and managing the details of warfare [e]
  • Unconventional warfare (United States doctrine) [r]: The United States' doctrinal term for the way the Department of Defense sees its forces operating in the more global context of insurgency. [e]