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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Just war theory.
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Parent topics

  • International law [r]: The formal conduct of interactions between nation-states, both at the national level and on behalf of their citizens; generally accepted as first formalized by Hugo Grotius. [e]


  • Jus ad bellum [r]: Ethical principles, international law, and national authority that covers the justice of starting wars [e]
  • Jus in bello [r]: In just war theory, the principles and laws that apply once war has commenced [e]
  • Jus post bellum [r]: The means, under just war theory, by which the war is concluded and the peace restored [e]
  • Laws of Land Warfare [r]: Both the title of a specific U.S. Army manual, as well as a term in customary international law, for acceptable battlefield conduct [e]
  • Military law [r]: Statutes, codes, and common traditions relating to and executed by military courts for the discipline, trial, and punishment of military personnel. [e]
  • Military necessity [r]: In U.S. and NATO usage, the position that a belligerent has the right to apply any measures which are required to bring about the successful conclusion of a military operation and which are not forbidden by the laws of war. [e]
  • Military sociology [r]: The study of the motivations and interactions of soldiers as members of military organizations [e]
  • War crime [r]: Acts that violate the laws of war as they applied in the time and place of commission, or that were deemed violations of law, possibly ex post facto, as determined by a competent tribunal [e]

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