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A hand-picked, annotated list of Web resources about Kennewick Man.
Please sort and annotate in a user-friendly manner and consider archiving the URLs behind the links you provide. See also related web sources.
  • The Kennewick Man Virtual Interpretive Center (maintained by the Tri-City Herald) provides photos, legal documents, news stories and updates related to Kennewick Man's remains and the controversy that has surrounded him since his discovery.
  • The Burke Museum hosts a collection of articles related to the questions that Kennewick Man raises, a detailed timeline of Kennewick man on trial, and a comprehensive catalog of news articles relating to his time in court.
  • NOVA Online offers a companion website to their episode, "Mystery of the First Americans." The site includes materials related to the reconstruction of Kennewick Man's appearance, the controversy around him, and questions that his discovery has provoked such as "Does race exist?"