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A list of some works of Michael Faraday.
  • Faraday, Michael. Chemical Manipulation, being Instructions to Students in Chemistry (1 vol., John Murray, 1st ed. 1827, 2nd 1830, 3rd 1842)
  • Faraday, Michael. Experimental Researches in Electricity vols. i. and ii., Richard and John Edward Taylor, vols. i. and ii. (1844 and 1847); vol. iii. (1844); vol. iii. Richard Taylor and William Francis (1855) online edition vol. III
  • Faraday, Michael. Experimental Researches in Chemistry and Physics, (1859) 496 pages; online edition
  • Faraday, Michael. On the Various Forces in Nature (edited by W. Crookes) (Chatto & Windus, no date).
  • Faraday, Michael. Lectures on the Chemical History Of A Candle (1908) online edition
  • Faraday, Michael. The Correspondence of Michael Faraday. edited by Frank A.J.L. James. Volume 1: 1811—1831; Volume 2: 1832–1840; Volume 3: 1841–1848. Volume 4: 1849–1855 (1991–1996)
  • Martin, Thomas, ed. Faraday's Diary: Being the Various Philosophical Notes of Experimental Investigation Made by Michael Faraday During the Years 1820–1862 (8 vol 1932-36).