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A list of some works of Norman Borlaug.


  • Journal articles by Borlaug on PubMed
  • Borlaug, Norman E., "The Impact of Agricultural Research on Mexican Wheat Production", Transactions of the New York Academy of Science, 20 (1958) 278-295.
  • Borlaug, Norman E., "Mexican Wheat Production and Its Role in the Epidemiology of Stem Rust in North America", Phytopathology, 44 (1954) 398-404.
  • Borlaug, Norman E., Wheat Breeding and Its Impact on World Food Supply. Public lecture at the Third International Wheat Genetics Symposium, August 5-9, 1968. Canberra, Australia, Australian Academy of Science, 1968.
  • Borlaug, Norman E., "Wheat, Rust, and People", Phytopathology, 55 (1965) 1088-1098.
  • Borlaug, Norman E., and others, "A Green Revolution Yields a Golden Harvest", Columbia Journal of World Business, 4 (September-October, 1969) 9-19.
  • "Ending World Hunger. The Promise of Biotechnology and the Threat of Antiscience Zealotry". 2000. Plant Physiology, October 2000, Vol. 124, pp. 487–490. (duplicate)
  • Norman Borlaug on World Hunger. 1997. Edited by Anwar Dil. San Diego/Islamabad/Lahore: Bookservice International. 499 pages. ISBN 0-9640492-3-6
  • Feeding a human population that increasingly crowds a fragile planet. 1994. Mexico City. ISBN


  • Land use, food, energy and recreation. 1983. Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies. ISBN 0-940222-07-8
  • Wheat in the Third World. 1982. Authors: Haldore Hanson, Norman E. Borlaug, and R. Glenn Anderson. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press. ISBN 0-86531-357-1
  • Feeding a World of 10 Billion People: The Tva/Ifdc Legacy. 2003. ISBN 0-88090-144-6
  • Prospects for world agriculture in the twenty-first century. 2004. Norman E. Borlaug, Christopher R. Dowswell. Published in: Sustainable agriculture and the international rice-wheat system. ISBN 0-8247-5491-3
  • Norman E. Borlaug (2007) Sixty-two years of fighting hunger: personal recollections. Euphytica 157:287–297 ([1])