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 Definition American art publisher and gallery owner, who has lost in intellectual property and bankruptcy court [d] [e]
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Recommend the reference to the 2003 (or perhaps 2006 or later) end of relationship between Bane and Olivia / Ozone Productions be researched in context of as follows: 1. The ongoing Bettie Page contracts of CMG (Bettie Page)which are now in federal court records of 2004 exams related data. 2. The google search of Bane and Bettie Page / CMG shows that this Olivia and Bane relationship continued into 2006 and erhaps later. 3. LA Times calendar section and or other newwspapers reported on the Robert Bane / Bettie Page contracts being achieved about 2006 and these were used for pinups, including Olivia and Sorayama arts. 4. Article in LA Times where Jeol Beren (Olivia's husband) interjects himself to state that they no longer do business with Bane. 5. Checks of 2004 exams show that 2003 date show that money transfers to and between Bane interests and Ozone (Olivia interests) and CMG (Bettie Page) take place in years much later than 2003. ...said Jonathan Pike (talk) (Please sign your talk page posts by simply adding four tildes, ~~~~.)