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A list of some works of Tony Blair.


  • Blair, Tony A Journey, Harper Press 2010

Speeches and Writings

  • Blair Speech Transcripts, from 1997 to 2007,[1].
  • Testimony to the Chilcott Inquiry on the Iraq war, 29 January 2010[2]
  • Blair:In his own words BBC Archive of quotes from Tony Blair during his ten years as Prime Minister
  • Blair, Tony (2004) New Britain: My Vision of a Young Country. Westerview Press, online edition ISBN 081334235X.
  • Blair, Tony (1994) What Price a Safe Society? Fabian Society, 40pp ISBN 0716305623
  • Blair, Tony (1995) Let us Face the Future. Fabian Society, 40pp ISBN 0716305712
  • Blair, Tony (1998) The Third Way : New Politics for the New Century Fabian Society, 20pp ISBN 0716305887
  • Blair, Tony (1999) Is New Labour Working? Fabian Society, 58pp ISBN 0716305909
  • Blair, Tony (2000) Superpower: Not Superstate? (Federal Trust European Essays) Federal Trust for Education & Research ISBN 1903403251
  • Blair, Tony (2002) The Courage of Our Convictions: Why Reform of the Public Services Is the Route to Social Justice Fabian Society, 40pp ISBN 0716306034
  • Blair, Tony (2010) A Journey (his memoirs) Huttchinson, ISBN 9780091925550
  • Paul Richards (Editor) (2004) Tony Blair In His Own Words. Politico's Publishing, ISBN 1842750895 Collection of Blair's speeches and writings.
  • Faith in a Globalized Age December 2010 I started my Faith Foundation precisely to create greater understanding between the faiths. My reasoning is simple. Those advocating extremism in the name of religion are active, well resourced.
  • Speech at the Campaign for Freedom of Information's annual Awards ceremony, 25 March 1996. "I don't believe it is possible for government to govern effectively now, unless it governs in some sense in a relationship of partnership with the people whom it is governing. It is one of the reasons why decentralisation of power is actually in the interests of government."
  • Speech to the Labour Party Conference 1997 September 1997, in the wake of the landslide election victory of May 1997. "The size of our victory imposes a very special responsibility on us. To be a government of high ideals and hard choices. Not popular for one time but remembered for all time. Not just a better government than the Tories but one of the great, radical, reforming Governments of our history. To modernise Britain as we modernised the Labour Party. To build a Britain, not for a few, but for all the people."
  • The Power Of Community Can Change The World' Speech to Labour Party Conference, October 2001 Speech given in the immediate aftermath of 9/11, and arguing for intervention in Afghanistan."Whatever the dangers of the action we take, the dangers of inaction are far, far greater."
  • 'I believe this is Africa's best chance for a generation ...' Tony Blair in The Guardian, 12th March 2005
  • Address by Tony Blair to the GAVI Alliance, mainly on Africa and Global Warming, and the need for concerted international action 27th January 2005. On global warming, he says "So it would be true to say the evidence is still disputed. It would be wrong to say that the evidence of danger is not clearly and persuasively advocated by a very large number of entirely independent and compelling voices. They are the majority. The majority is not always right; but they deserve to be listened to."
  • Speech to the European Parliament 23rd June 2005. "There is not some division between the Europe necessary to succeed economically and social Europe. Political Europe and economic Europe do not live in separate rooms."
  • Blair speech on terror delivered to The Labour Party annual conference, 16th July 2005 "The spirit of our age is one in which the prejudices of the past are put behind us, where our diversity is our strength. It is this which is under attack. Moderates are not moderate through weakness but through strength. Now is the time to show it in defence of our common values."
  • The Moment for Reconciliation Text of Tony Blair Speech at Georgetown, May 27, 2006. Of the post- Saddam Hussein Iraqi government he says "This is a child of democracy struggling to be born. They and we, the international community, are the midwives. You may not agree with original decision. You may believe mistakes have been made. You may even think how can it be worth the sacrifice. But surely we must all accept this is a genuine attempt to run the race of liberty."
  • Time to act against animal rights protesters Tony Blair writing in the Sunday Telegraph, 13th August 2006, declares his support for the "People's Petition" in favour of medical research involving the use of animals.
  • 'The Shame of Slavery' Tony Blair writes in New Nation, 27th November 2006 about Britain's role in the transatlatic slave trade.
  • 'A Global alliance for Global Values' Tony Blair (2006), published by The Foreign Policy Centre
  • Address by Tony Blair' to the Australian Parliament, 27th March 2006
  • Last speech to the Trades Union Council (TUC) September, 2006. At the conference, he defended Labour's choices in power against criticisms from Trade Unions that the Government had been too concerned with electoral popularity rather than principle [3], saying " is a darn sight better than wasting our time in opposition passing resolutions no-one ever listens to or can do anything about." In his speech, which was greeted with heckling, he said "However difficult it is, however fraught our relations from time to time, make no mistake: I want the TUC to carry on being addressed by a Labour PM, not go back to being addressed by the leader of the opposition."
  • Final Conference Speech 17th September 2006 ("I know I look a lot older. That's what being leader of the Labour Party does to you. Actually, looking round some of you look a lot older. That's what having me as leader of the Labour Party does to you.") Defending New Labour, he said, "Values unrelated to modern reality are not just electorally hopeless, the values themselves become devalued. They have no purchase on the real world. We won not because we surrendered our values but because we finally had the courage to be true to them."
  • 'Blair: shackled in war on terror' Tony Blair writing in The Sunday Times 27th May 2007
  • What I've learned' Tony Blair, writing in The Economist, 31st May 2007 politics should not be simply a game of interests but also of beliefs, things we stand for and fight for.... It is also why we should be prepared to intervene, if necessary militarily, to prevent genocide, oppression, the deep injustice too often inflicted on the vulnerable.
  • Full text of Blair's multiculturalism speech 9th December 2006. Obedience to the rule of law, to democratic decision-making about who governs us, to freedom from violence and discrimination are not optional for British citizens. They are what being British is about. Being British carries rights. It also carries duties. And those duties take clear precedence over any cultural or religious practice. Text from Telegraph newspaper online.
  • 'Like a feral beast' Speech delivered to reuter's headquarters in London on June 12th 2007 in which Blair argued that today's media too often blur the distinctions between news and comment. Published here in the Wall Street Journal
  • The text of Tony Blair's resignation speech at his Sedgefield constituency is included in The Independent: 'The Legacy: Tony Blair, Prime Minister, 1997-2007' by Andrew Grice, 11th May 2007. ("Great expectations not fulfilled in every part, for sure. Occasionally, people say, as I said earlier, 'They were too high, you should have lowered them.' But, to be frank, I would not have wanted it any other way.")