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Parent topics


  • Diphthong [r]: Type of speech sound, articulated through the tongue commencing in the position of a single vowel and moving continuously in the direction of another; e.g. [əʊ] in English low. [e]
  • Nasalization [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Voicing (linguistics) [r]: Either the physical production of vibration by the vocal folds as part of articulation, or the potential phonological distinction this allows, i.e. the distinct difference between units such as [b] and [p] in many languages. [e]

Other related topics

  • Consonant [r]: Unit of language, defined in phonetics as a speech sound that involves full or partial 'closure' of the mouth, and in phonology as a segment that cannot occupy the nucleus or 'peak' of a syllable. [e]
  • Vocal cords [r]: Mucous membranes over the larynx that contribute to the production of sound in mammals. [e]
  • Pronunciation [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Spoken language [r]: An example of language produced using some of the articulatory organs, e.g. the mouth, vocal folds or lungs, or intended for production by these organs; alternatively, the entire act of communicating verbally - what people mean or intend, the words they use, their accent, intonation and so on. [e]
  • Written language [r]: The communication and representation of a language by means of a writing system. [e]
  • Letter (alphabet) [r]: Symbol in an alphabetic script, usually denoting one or more phonemes; for example, in the English alphabet the letter <a> can represent the phoneme /æ/ as in mat and /eɪ/ as in mate. [e]