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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about War.
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Parent topics

  • Conflict [r]: Contestation between rival interests or forces, particularly those involving disagreements over resources. Conflict may characterize types of contest from games, contests and competition to law suits, fights, battles and wars. In the social sciences, conflict is often contrasted with competition or cooperation. [e]
  • Grand strategy [r]: The application of all national means of affecting the actions of other nations and non-national actors; specifically includes but is not restricted to military means [e]
  • Military [r]: The standing armed forces of a country, that are directed by the national government and are tasked with that nation's defense. [e]
  • International law [r]: The formal conduct of interactions between nation-states, both at the national level and on behalf of their citizens; generally accepted as first formalized by Hugo Grotius. [e]


Other related topics

  • Every War Must End [r]: An examination of the endstates resulting from the use of military force, and how consideration of the endstate is a key part of planning, if disaster is to be avoided [e]
  • Preemptive attack [r]: A military attack intended to neutralize an attack imminently being prepared by one's opponent, and justified as self-defense [e]
  • Preventive attack [r]: A doctrine in which an actor uses military force on an opponent who is not believed to be preparing an attack on the actor using prevention, but whose activities, such as taking control of territory or building weapons of mass destruction pose a long-term threat to the critical interests of the actor. The attack may signal the start of a war, or be a strategic move within an existing war. [e]
  • Geneva Conventions [r]: For international law, the principal group of treaties addressing humanitarian aspects of war [e]
  • Peace [r]: The absence of armed conflict, or causes of violence, between groups of people. [e]
  • Pacifism [r]: Negatively, a belief that all war is wrong, positively, a belief in right relationships between people. [e]