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Plants that are nearly always undesirable

  • Poison ivy [r]: A toxic climbing vine of eastern Canada and the United States, Mexico and Central America; touching any part of the plant--roots, stems and leaves--can result in a severe and prolonged skin rash. [e]

Plants sometimes cultivated, sometimes considered weeds

  • Calla Lily [r]: also known as Arum Lily, is the popular garden and horticultural name of some species in the genus Zantedeschia, which originated in southern Africa, which is neither a lily nor a calla nor an arum, nor is it a true flower; rather Calla Lillies are an inflorescence of tiny flowers surrounded by a petal-like spathe. [e]
  • Evening primrose [r]: Several species of wild flowers native to eastern and central North America from the genus Oenothera. [e]
  • Joe Pye Weed [r]: Add brief definition or description

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  • Agriculture [r]: The process of producing food, feed, fiber and other goods by the systematic raising of plants and animals. [e]
  • Fungus [r]: A eukaryotic organism, classified into the kingdom Fungi, that is heterotrophic and digest their food externally, and may be a yeast, mold, or mushroom. [e]
  • Lamb's lettuce [r]: Hardy annual plant, Valerianella locusta or V. olitoria used in salads in winter and early spring, also a rich source of vitamins A (as carotene) and C. [e]
  • Monoculture [r]: A technique, primarily used in agriculture or silviculture (forestry), used as a means of increasing the efficiency of human actions. [e]
  • Transgenic plant [r]: Plants that have been genetically modified by inserting genes directly into a single plant cell, from a different species. [e]
  • Wild rose [r]: Uncultivated thorny flowering shrub species of the genus Rosa. [e]