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Small run

The bot was interrupted. The last page it processed was Henrik Shipstead.

The bot was stopped because the procedure has changed: the /Unused subpage is no longer needed.

Big run

After updating the code, the bot was restarted.

The bot was interrupted. The last page it processed was Lyceum (Aristotle).

The problem with Industrial Revolution was that the checklist in Talk:Industrial Revolution was misformed; the by parameter contained a pipe character. The problem with Kingdom (biology) was that it was only partially converted to use subpages: it did not have the {{subpages}} template but the page Template:Kingdom (biology)/Metadata did exist. These issues were fixed by hand.

Fixing From Wikipedia flag

The bot was interrupted by Aleksander Stos who discovered that it cleared the From Wikipedia flag from articles (thanks Aleks). This was fixed by another script on the following articles:

In some articles, it could not be fixed automatically. These were checked by hand:

All other articles were fine, because the From Wikipedia flag was not set before the bot edited the page.